Cutest Baby Animals

Kittens are among the cutest baby animals of them all. Here pictured are three kittens in a pouch.

There are many incredibly cute things in this world and bless them for existing. There are times that we can’t have cute things so we wind up looking at them on the internet to make our days a little bit brighter. From food, to movies, to cartoon characters to babies. Babies are cute, but baby animals just take the bar higher, there’s no doubt about it. So strap yourselves in and learn about the cutest baby animals in the world.

In no particular order, these baby animals are going to pose the question of whether or not there will be something that can top their level of cute. Because believe it or not, there is no such thing as too much cute. Like, really.



Now this, this is why we live. Baby otters are just on a whole other level of cute. Adult otters are just as cute, but it’s the babies that make everyone coo over them. It’s impossible not to swoon at the sight of these fuzzy, adorable beings.

If the memes and videos you find on the internet proves anything, these otters are what make up the definition of cute. They are dangerous though as they are wild animals, but you really can’t deny how adorable they are. Oh, and we really can’t leave out how the mother hugs her otter babies. We also can’t leave out how otters hold hands in their sleep so they don’t drift away from each other. Yes, we can probably squeal now.



No matter what the breed, puppies are puppies and puppies are just the cutest. That’s why it’s a given for puppies to be on this list, because they really are one of the cutest baby animals in the world! We all get to see puppies often, and this most applies to dog owners. Puppies are the bringers of joy and warmth to any household that even the coldest person can melt just by looking at them.



Another given on this list and just like puppies, kittens are adorable no matter what breed they are. Those tiny paws, the fluffy fur, the small meows and the eyes full of wonder, kittens are also the bringers of joy and they have a warrant for cuddles.

Cat lovers, animal lovers, everyone in general, just can’t say no to these adorable bundles of fluffy joy. Think of the famous game Neko Atsume, only even better because you have mini versions of the real thing! Kittens are just cuteness royalty.



Where do we start with pandas, or baby pandas for that matter? We see them at the zoo, we watch them in documentaries on television, and we already know that adult pandas are giant fluffy balls of cuteness. Baby pandas take the adorableness to the next level and are among the cutest baby animals out there.

They roll around and if they fall, they fall with grace, and by grace we just mean even their falls are cute (Not that we’d want them to hurt themselves though). The teeny tiny ears, the fluffy fur and the paws. It makes us want to hug them all the time. Remember that video of baby pandas being introduced to the world? Super adorable.



This is for those of us whose favorite character from Winnie the Pooh is Piglet. One of the reasons why piglets are one of the cutest baby animals in the world is because they’re so tiny. Like, a tiny pig.

They have those cute tails and cute faces and cute snouts! It’s hard not to coo at the sight of them. Sometimes, they make us wish that they stay that way, but we can always look at pictures of miniature pigs because they’re just as cute as a piglet.


Harp Seals

If you go up to the colder parts of the world, there you will find the baby harp seals, and prepare to swoon at how incredibly adorable these creatures are. Think of puppies, but they live in the sea or at least by the sea.

Baby harp seals are super fuzzy and adorable, and it’s probably because they have that puppy look on point. The adult harp seals are just as cute too. If you’re feeling down, this harp seal is going to make your day. It’s made our day brighter already.



Next up on this list are the eternally cute hedgehogs. But no, they are not just your regular hedgehogs, they’re the baby hedgehogs! You’ve seen the videos, you’ve seen the gifs, and it’s hard to describe just how cute baby hedgehogs are. Like every baby animal on this list, they have a place in the cute animal kingdom.

They are pretty expressive too, with smiles that just bring joy and warmth into the world. If things haven’t been going well (don’t get us started with what’s been happening lately), looking at a baby hedgehog seems to be a foolproof cure. Oh, and did we mention how relaxed and adorable they are if you give them a massage?



It’s pretty difficult to choose which baby animal makes the cut on this list, but we have to do it anyway. If “A Series of Unfortunate Events” have the Incredibly Deadly Viper, we bring you, the Incredibly Adorable Bunnies.

Need we say more as to how adorable this creature is? Bunnies are cute, cuddly, furry, and have a button nose that we just can’t help but boop our noses on. What makes them even more adorable? The way they hop. Can we squeal now????