You'll want low mortgage rates to buy one of these luxury homes.

8 Luxurious Homes of the Rich and Famous


Let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. From the outrageous cars they drive, to the potential names of their unborn children, to the luxurious homes they live in, we all love to keep up with our favorite celebrities. As a culture, we are completely consumed in pop culture.

But the end of the day they are just people like you and me, right? Wrong! They can afford things that we can only dream about. That is what makes them appear like royalty.

You may be able to answer trivial questions about your favorite celeb, but where he or she calls home may leave you speechless. Get ready to be amazed. We are about to explore eight of the most luxurious homes of the rich and famous.

Jay Z and Beyonce’s Legendary “Sandcastle”

You'll definitely need some renters insurance when renting this home.

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Jay Z and Beyonce. This power couple is currently renting a private home in Bridgehampton, New York known as the “Sandcastle.” Jay Z and Beyonce dish out $400,000 a month to call this 31,000-square-foot mansion home.

The abode includes 12 bedrooms, a walnut library, a 2,800-square-foot master bedroom, bowling alley, virtual golf, media room, rock climbing wall, and a disco performing area for the children. As if this wasn’t enough this luxury mansion also includes an indoor skateboarding ramp. It’s safe to say this couple isn’t holding anything back. We hope they have a low interest credit card or two to furnish that house!

Just think about the mortgage on this baby. Hope you have a low interest credit card to purchase some furniture.