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Hotels Built in Crazy Locations



You might be a beach lounging sun-seeker, an adrenaline-fueled adventurer or a camera clad sightseer, whatever your holiday penchant you can bet that there’s a location to suit. But, when you’ve exhausted the boutique inns and chain happy where do you stay?

“There must be more to holiday’s than this you cry!” Get those suitcases packed because there is more, there’s accommodation that will excite you, set in locations that will astonish. Tired of sunny climates? Book into somewhere made entirely of ice.

Bored of inner-city grey hotels? Check into a room high up in the trees. You can stay and sleep just about anywhere – even in a sewage pipe (albeit a clean and completely reconditioned one). Got your attention? Good then read on and discover 8 hotels built in unusual locations:


The Treehotel is located in Harads, Sweden and offers nature, peace and serenity. This hotel takes your average tree house to a whole new level. Its individual “rooms” are poised up in the pine trees (about 4-6 meters high) providing wonderful views of the Lule River.

This treehotel can be found up in a tree.

You can stay in the bird house – a room encased in twigs and sticks, resembling a large nest and big enough for your family to roost in. Or try the Mirrorcube, its glass exterior perfectly reflects the nature around you and it has six windows so you can see the beauty of your setting.

Das Park Hotel

Situated in Linz, Austria this makes me worry that hospitality may be going down the toilet. The Das Park Hotel has been manufactured from sewage pipes, let’s not dwell on what they once were, let’s focus on what they have become. Concrete on the outside, they look a little utilitarian to be comfy, but inside they offer double beds and woolly blankets.

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You don’t get en-suite pipes so you will have to venture to the public area for bathrooms. Aside from its origins there’s one other idiosyncrasy about this place – you pay what you feel it’s worth or can afford!

The Ice Hotel

Every year the Ice Hotel opens its unique doors to chilly guests, I say unique as every year the place is re-built, so the design changes annually. You will find it in the village of Jukkasjärvi, in Sweden (north of the Arctic Circle). Despite its name and snowy surroundings, the Ice Hotel offers a warm welcome and you get the northern lights as your stunning backdrop to boot.

Who wouldn't want to spend a night in a ice hotel in Sweden

You have the option of a warm room (traditional hotel style) or cold room (in the ice part) and they suggest you book a combination of both. Don’t forget to sip a champagne at the ice bar while you are there.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Situated in Key Largo, Florida. You may struggle to find this place, to get to your board and lodgings you have to scuba dive 21 feet to your front door. Your dive will take you through the Emerald Lagoon (travelling to your hotel has never been more interesting) and when you reach the lodge you will find your own undersea Atlantis.

If you like dolphins book your stay at Jules’ Undersea Lodge today.

The lodge has huge windows so you can survey the marine life in all of its glory and you have all your home comforts including a bedroom (complete with more windows), bathroom and kitchen.

No Man’s Fort

How about a place above the waves? No man’s fort was built in the UK in the 1800s to defend Portsmouth from a potential invasion. Now used for much friendlier purposes the Fort operates as a hotel.

No Man’s Fort is the ideal getaway for adventurers.

Climb on-board a boat for your private transfer and when you get there check out the glass atrium roof (great for star gazing in the clear night sky). There are 22 rooms and a Lighthouse Penthouse Suite, that boasts floor to ceiling views of the sea.

Hotel Costa Verde

Can anybody fly a plane? No, but we know where you can stay in one. The Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica has its very own 1965 Boeing 727 fuselage, known as the Phoenix Suite. It is perched 50ft off the ground in the treeline of the jungle and has its own decking (built on one wing), so you can look out over the lush vegetation and ocean.

Hotel Costa Verde puts airline ticket and hotel into one nice package.

Keep your eyes peeled for a sloth or monkey swinging by. It comes complete with a kitchenette, two bathrooms and two bedrooms (queen size beds), it’s not quite the mile-high club but it certainly has a lot going for it.

Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge

Also known as The Magical Mountain, this hotel has a breath-taking location, sitting majestically in the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve of the Patagonian Forests in Chile. The structure resembles an imposing volcano (luckily it erupts with water rather than lava) and inside are thirteen lodges.

Harness your inner wizard and book a night at Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge.

To get to the front door you have to cross a rope bridge, nothing like a bit of excitement before you check-in. There’s a lot going on here from a bar and games room to river rafting and fishing. The resort also boats the longest zip line in South America.

Huttenpalast de

Do you like the idea of a caravan holiday? Maybe it conjures up images of tradition and the seaside. Well, this is very different, the caravans at Huttenpalast de are all housed inside a large former factory in Berlin.

For those who want to take work with them, Huttenpalast de is the ideal hotel for a vacation.

Not only is there a traditional caravan to choose from, but also a trailer, a beach hut and a wooden church alter type structure that can sleep four. This one is for the quirky at heart, there’s lots of communal space outside your caravan for creative exchanges and a garden where you can restore your chi.