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8 Hotels Built in Crazy Locations



You might be a beach lounging sun-seeker, an adrenaline-fueled adventurer or a camera clad sightseer, whatever your holiday penchant you can bet that there’s a location to suit. But, when you’ve exhausted the boutique inns and chain happy where do you stay?

“There must be more to holiday’s than this you cry!” Get those suitcases packed because there is more, there’s accommodation that will excite you, set in locations that will astonish. Tired of sunny climates? Book into somewhere made entirely of ice.

Bored of inner-city grey hotels? Check into a room high up in the trees. You can stay and sleep just about anywhere – even in a sewage pipe (albeit a clean and completely reconditioned one). Got your attention? Good then read on and discover 8 hotels built in unusual locations:


The Treehotel is located in Harads, Sweden and offers nature, peace and serenity. This hotel takes your average tree house to a whole new level. Its individual “rooms” are poised up in the pine trees (about 4-6 meters high) providing wonderful views of the Lule River.

This treehotel can be found up in a tree.

You can stay in the bird house – a room encased in twigs and sticks, resembling a large nest and big enough for your family to roost in. Or try the Mirrorcube, its glass exterior perfectly reflects the nature around you and it has six windows so you can see the beauty of your setting.