Car from the future

15 Futuristic Cars that Will Change Driving Forever



Cadillac Aera

We saved our favorite for last. The Cadillac Aera was General Motors’ answer to creating a vehicle with luxury, reliability, efficiency, and style. And boy did they succeed. Regardless of the price of auto insurance associated with this baby, go out and get one if you could afford it.

It goes without saying; it is pleasing on the eye and an extremely smooth ride. The ultra-lightweight design also kept aerodynamics in mind to maximize speed, what more would you want? Incredibly, this also leads to greater fuel-efficiency, are you sold yet? One thing is for, when it comes to donate cars for charity, we won’t be seeing this beauty donated until at least the 2030s.

Cadillac Cera is worth the hefty auto insurance price that would come with it.