World’s Most Beautiful Hidden Beaches



Close your eyes for a moment and slip off your shoes and socks (or slippers)! Lie back and imagine the warmth of the sun on your face, envisage azure blue waters, the lull of the waves breaking on the shoreline and silky soft sand between your toes. What could be better? Well, how about all of that but without hordes of people to spoil the tranquil ambience.

No ice-cream sellers, no sand in your face from an over-enthusiastic child digging a moat around something resembling a castle, just you and the beach. If it’s unspoilt golden sands and deep blue sea or dramatically wild scenery you are after then you have come to the right place, read on and discover 8 of the most beautiful hidden beaches from around the world:

Lord Howe Island – Australia

Imagine a place with few streetlights, where the main mode of transportation is a trusty bicycle and where the number of tourists is regulated. Welcome to Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as hidden beaches go this closely guarded secret is a real gem.

With its mountainous backdrop and flamboyant coral reef lagoon you would be forgiven for thinking you have entered paradise. There are two equally stunning spots here – Ned’s beach, where the Lord Howe resident Kingfish like to nibble food from your hand and Old Settlement beach, where the turtles might join you for a spot of sunbathing.

Wineglass Bay – Australia

Another Australian hidden treasure, Wineglass Bay near Hobart, Tasmania has an established reputation for being one of the most remote and beautiful beaches in the entire world, high acclaim indeed. You get to it via an hour-long amble through woodlands, but the bushland hike it certainly worth it.

The breath-taking scenery has natural beauty in abundance and when you reach the bay enjoy lounging on the perfect sands before dipping your toes in the almost translucent sea. At sun-set marvel at the pink granite mountains that climb from the sea and juxtapose against the stunning sun-set.

Palm Beach – Barbuda

If you are seeking unchartered territory, then check out Palm Beach on the underdeveloped island of a Barbuda. The island has just two resorts and a handful of places to stay. If you are seeking romance you have come to the right place as Palm Beach offers unparalleled seclusion and the sand here is not your average golden hue – in keeping with the romantic theme, here the sand is pink.

If you tire of sunbathing on the pinky shores, or paddling in the turquoise sea you can look skywards and see if you can spot a Frigate, distinctive red-bellied birds that have their very own sanctuary nearby. Looks like it’s time to plan that perfect vacation today!

The Strangles, Cornwall

Not all beaches share tropical climates and if you visit The Strangles in the UK we can’t guarantee sun to go with your sea and sand. However, this beach does offer an incredibly dramatic and wild beauty that will blow you away. The sand and shingle beach is framed by towering cliffs (that stand at over 700ft).

This place has history too – the scene of many a shipwreck. It’s known for its powerful currents and serrated rocks, so not a place for a laid-back swim. Two beaches actually join to form The Strangles (one is favored by naturists), so you might spot more than a Seagull or two if you venture here!

Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

New Zealand is famed for its beautiful vistas, those in the know steer clear of the tourist hot-spots and head for Muriwai Beach on the west coast, about 30 a minute drive from Auckland. This beach is not only beautiful, but it is also conveniently located!

It can be best described as dramatic and wind-swept, with a wild and rugged beauty. The beach has volcanic black-sand and a craggy peninsula and the ocean is favored by local surfers who come to ride the drubbing waves. This place is home to gannet seabirds and keep your eyes open for green lip mussels that make an appearance when the tide goes out.

Plum Bay, St Martins

St Martins is a charming island located midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. There are plenty of beaches to choose from but if you are seeking one that is seldom visited you should head to Plum Bay which sits between Falaise aux Oiseaux and Ponte du Canonnier.

Plum Bay offers peace and quiet, not to mention the obligatory golden sand and beautifully blue water to take a dip in. This place has changeable seas – on calm days it’s perfect for snorkelling but when the rollers come it’s time to grab a surfboard and hitch a ride.

Honopu Beach, Hawaii, USA

For absolutely remoteness and tranquil isolation you need to visit Honopu Beach along the Kauai Na Pali coast in Hawaii. This place is so off the beaten track you can’t get to it by car, bike or even foot. If you want to visit you had better dust of the swimwear and flippers as you will be swimming to it (take care, the current can be strong).

It’s worth the swim though, there are actually two beaches, set against a backdrop of towering sea cliffs and split by the Honupa arch. As an added delight just round the bay you will discover a majestic water fall. Time to pack the bags and feel the sand between your toes.

Rocktail Bay, South Africa

It’s not easy for you to reach this place, which is a plus point as the difficult access makes it a real hidden gem. Rocktail Bay is located within the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park. The beach is long – miles of golden sand stretch out with wild and unspoilt abandon.

This place takes peace and quiet so seriously that only one diving boat is allowed to be on the water at a time and diving here (reputedly one of the best sites in the world) will open your eyes to some magnificent underwater wonders. Look out for angelfish, butterfly fish, the odd ray and don’t be surprised if a whale or dolphin swims by.