8 Most Beautiful Hidden Beaches



Close your eyes for a moment and slip off your shoes and socks (or slippers)! Lie back and imagine the warmth of the sun on your face, envisage azure blue waters, the lull of the waves breaking on the shoreline and silky soft sand between your toes. What could be better? Well, how about all of that but without hordes of people to spoil the tranquil ambience.

No ice-cream sellers, no sand in your face from an over-enthusiastic child digging a moat around something resembling a castle, just you and the beach. If it’s unspoilt golden sands and deep blue sea or dramatically wild scenery you are after then you have come to the right place, read on and discover 8 of the most beautiful hidden beaches from around the world:

Lord Howe Island – Australia

Imagine a place with few streetlights, where the main mode of transportation is a trusty bicycle and where the number of tourists is regulated. Welcome to Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as hidden beaches go this closely guarded secret is a real gem.

With its mountainous backdrop and flamboyant coral reef lagoon you would be forgiven for thinking you have entered paradise. There are two equally stunning spots here – Ned’s beach, where the Lord Howe resident Kingfish like to nibble food from your hand and Old Settlement beach, where the turtles might join you for a spot of sunbathing.