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7 Most Famous UFO Sightings



Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

In September of 1961, returning from a trip to Montreal, Canada, Betty and Barney Hill noticed a strange new star in the sky. As it began to move erratically, the couple assumed it was a shooting star. Still curious about the mysterious lights, Barney parked the car and observed the anomaly through binoculars.

That is when Barney realized it was a UFO and got back in his car to speed away from the object. We hope he was careful, don’t think auto insurance quotes cover UFO encounters. Soon, the couple reached a roadblock, where unknown creatures abducted them into a UFO.

Through hypnotic regression, the couple retold their adventure and highlighted that the aliens were from Zeta Reticuli.

Hope Betty and Barney Hill had quality auto insurance during their UFO high speed getaway.

We don’t think they came all this way for some online auto insurance quotes. This incident is known today as the first reported alien abduction case.