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7 Most Famous UFO Sightings



Rendlesham Forest

In December 1980, the day after Christmas, a patrol near the east gate of RAF Woodbridge saw some strange lights descending into Rendlesham Forest. Initially the servicemen thought it was a downed aircraft, however venturing into the forest they saw a glowing, metallic object with colored lights. Perhaps the aliens were looking to sell some stock investment plans.

Probably not, but the object caused nearby farm animals to go into a craze. And the object took off into the trees. However, two days later it returned and was witnessed by many more servicemen. Despite many attempts to explain the strange events of that evening, it remains a mystery to this day.

If Rendlesham Forest aliens were selling stock investment plans, buy it quickly to send them on their way.

One thing is for sure, if they were selling stock investment plans we’ll quickly buy them to have the UFO go on its merry way.