We sure hope many of these UFOs have quality auto insurance.

7 Most Famous UFO Sightings



Are we alone? It is the question that has been haunting humans since the dawn of mankind. After all of these UFO sightings and crashes, we sure hope they have some quality auto insurance. Those vehicles aren’t going to fix themselves!

All jokes aside, why are these extra-terrestrials visiting our insignificant blue planet? Maybe they’re giving out some auto insurance quotes. I digress. But some of these events are truly mysterious and will surely leave you scratching your head for answers. Buckle up (no need to buy airline tickets) and join us on this adventure of the 7 most mysterious UFO sightings from around the world!


No UFO list is complete without the granddaddy of them all: Roswell. It is widely attributed as the event that kicked off the UFO craze. In July of 1947, an object crashed down on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. It begs repeating: Where can you find some quality auto insurance when you need it?

The army recovered the object and issued a press release stating that it had recovered a crashed flying saucer. However, shortly thereafter another statement was released redacting the original information and stating that it was merely a weather balloon that had crashed (good thing weather balloons don’t need auto insurance, right?).

Do grey aliens have quality auto insurance to take care of all of their UFO crashes?

But it was too late and the cat was out of the bag. Thus began the UFO era.