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8 of the World’s Most Beautiful and Exotic Locations



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Another popular escape from winter’s harsh grip is Abu Dhabi. Time to bust out those sandals and suntan lotions, and book an airline ticket to Abu Dhabi. However, not everything is peaches and rainbows, the weather can get scorching hot in the desert-like region so it’s worth restating: invest in a lot of suntan lotions.

However there are many beaches to visit, parks to explore, and gardens to admire. It is time to book that cheap flight and get your flight on! They even have many package deals that include cheap hotels and meal plans.

Bring some bottles of suntan lotions if you're going to buy airline tickets to Abu Dhabi.

The tall buildings of Abu Dhabi pictured above sure are marvelous. Looks like that’s where we’re going this winter, what about you?