Beautiful vacation location and best hotels.

8 of the World’s Most Beautiful and Exotic Locations



The  Serengeti

If you dream of a different world, a simpler time, when humans were more in tune with the natural world around them, look no further than Africa’s Serengeti. It is located in Tanzania and spans all the way to parts of Kenya. Talk about a long distance travel!

Most amazingly, it is home to over 500 species of birds and over 70 large animals. These include elephants, buffaloes, lions, hyenas, and much, much more. With beautiful scenery and wildlife, it is the perfect escape from the modern world.

Looking for accommodations? There are a number of cheap hotels around the various National Parks in the region. Before you know it, your journey will be ending.

Cheap hotels are found near the National Parks of the Serengeti.

But you will never forget the sights and sounds of the Serengeti. Not only is this a vacation, it is an adventure of a lifetime.