Beautiful vacation location and best hotels.

8 of the World’s Most Beautiful and Exotic Locations



Traveling is an unexplainable joy that everyone dreams of. However, finding that perfect destination can be a tricky thing for any traveler. When going on vacation, people want to explore exotic locations and feel alive. Taking in new cultures, and leaving behind the stresses of their lives is what vacations are all about.

So, what do you have in mind for your next great vacation destination? We’ve compiled a list of the most exotic, beautiful, and culturally enriching destinations for you to visit. Pack everything you need, buy that airline ticket, and it’s time to look up the best hotels around — let’s take a trip around the world.

Mount Roraima

You probably never heard of this location before. But, that’s okay, neither had we before doing research for this article. But do a quick image search on Google and marvel at Mount Roraima. Okay, done? Aren’t you blown away? That’s just a small sample of what the tabletop mountain offers.

It is located in Venezuela, on the the border of Brazil and Guyana. The mountain is found near Canaima National Park in the Highland Range region. Moreover, it is considered among the oldest locations on Earth, and what a spectacle it is.

Although it isn’t a Caribbean yacht rental, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Instead of a Caribbean yacht rental, you could stay at the best hotels around and take in some sights.

You don't need a Caribbean yacht rental to visit Mount Roraima.

You’ll find an adventure with every step that you take if you visit the mountains pictured above.