Serval cat with mouth open

Exotic Cat Breeds From Around The World



There is some debate as to how many breeds of cat actually exist worldwide. Apparently, it is somewhere between 41 and 73. All exotic cat breeds somehow manage to display some ego. They seem to say “You lucky minion, I shall allow you to look after me.”

They are super cute and can provide you with endless joy just by stroking their silky fur coats. If you are lucky, they may reward you with a purr, just to encourage you to keep up the good work! Let’s take a look at the cutest exotic cat breeds:


Are you are looking for a sweet natured feline, resembling a beautiful ball of fluff? Then this kitty-cat is for you. As its name suggests, the attractive long-haired Persian originates from Persia (or as its now known – Iran). Initially Persians were always gray, but tactical breeding has resulted in them now being available in many colors.

It has also lead to their prominent cheeks and huge eyes (which add to their charm). They have an air of grace about them and it’s no secret that Queen Victoria was extremely fond of the breed. No wonder Persians have notions of grandeur!

Persian kitten looking slightly upwards.

British Shorthair

These medium to large sized felines have quite the history. It is believed that their ancestors can be traced back to cats brought to the United Kingdom by Caesar and his Roman Legionnaires! Careful breeding enhanced their appearance. And some of the most beautiful attended the very first cat show at Crystal Palace in 1871.

British Shorthairs come in many colors (and can have different patterns and markings). The most popular is the British Blue, with its striking color and luxurious fur coat. They are quite robust cats, relatively independent and very, very chilled out – one of their favorite past-times is contentedly snoozing.

British Shorthair kitten on a brown table.


The origins of the semi-longhaired Birman cat are a little mysterious. Interestingly, the Birman is often described as the “Sacred Cat of Burma.” Some believe their ancestors were guardians of an ancient temple within a monastery in Burma. Somehow the Birman breed appeared in France in 1919 and quickly became popular.

Undoubtedly, it was due to their stunning light colored fur coat with contrasting darker points, face, tail and ears. In fact, there are now twenty different colors of Birman cats – that’s what we call a cat-alogue of choice! They have mesmerising blue eyes and four vivid white paws.

Birman kitten peeking around a corner.


The Burmese is thought to originate from Burma, Thailand and Malaya. It is renowned for its beautifully soft, glossy coat – stroke it until your heart’s content. Cats are not always known for their active role in family life, but these furry felines love being the center of attention.

Despite their graceful demeanor they are playful pets and enjoy being sociable. Originally Burmese cats were often a rich brown color. But now there are a whole spectrum of colors including gray-blue, orange, cream, gray-pink and even mixed e.g. brown tortie (brown with a hint of red).

Burmese kitten sitting in front of a window.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a name that gives the game away in terms of where they came from. Yes, you’ve guessed they originated in Norway! To be more precise, their ancestors were thought to be the domestic pets of non-other than… the Vikings.

Picture Leif Erikssone, famous Viking leader, stroking his beloved pussy after a difficult day dealing with hostile natives. Norwegian Forest cats are known for having long bodies and profuse tails. They also love the water (seemingly unusual for cats), are apt fishermen and have a dense waterproof coat.

Norwegian forest kitten on a checkered black and grey blanket.


Some believe the Siamese cat can be traced back to ancient Egypt (due to its similarities with the Egyptian cat goddess, Bast). However, history indicates that Siamese cats were adored pets in Siam, Thailand (hence their name) as far back as the 1600s.

Even there they were linked to spiritualism and were thought to be spirit guardians, some believed that the souls of deceased owners would inhibit their cat after death. Siamese cats have very striking eyes – a dazzling blue color and can be loyal pets (if they like you), in which case you are honored as they are a little highly strung.

Siamese kitten sitting in front of green grass.

Russian Blue

There is some debate about the origins of this cat, many think it came from the Archangel Isle in Russia, but others consider it more likely to have Spanish or Maltese ancestors. In which case Spanish or Maltese Blue would be a more appropriate name.

These felines are graceful and often have piercing green eyes, their fur tends to be quite thick but remains silky to the touch and there is almost a silver tinge to their blue-gray coat. So, what are you waiting for, this is the definitely the kitty for you!

Russian blue kitten stretching.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora originates from Turkey, to be specific – Ankara (which used to be called Angora). It is an attractive semi-longhaired feline with a silky fur coat and a recognizable bushy tail. This breed has even made it into the movies. Six of the James Bond movies feature evil villain Blofeld. And guess what? On his lap sits his adoring white cat (a Turkish Angora).

Initially, all Angora cats were white, but selective breeding has now seen the arrival of other colors and patterns. As for temperament, this cat is inquisitive and likes to explore, which gives them a mischievous streak. One thing is for sure: if you’re a troublemaker, an Angora kitty would be the perfect partner in crime.

Turkish Angora kitten in front of a blue background.