Nicki Minaj standing in front of a pink Lamborghini.

Unique Vehicles Your Favorite Celebrities Own



There are always things that come with being listed among the rich and famous people of the world. A house worthy of being shown on MTV Cribs, clothes and shoes that would amount to a person’s monthly paycheck, and of course, cars that not many people can afford to buy.

This list is just a few of the many super rare, but also super expensive cars that only the rich and famous are able to covet. If we were in their shoes, we would all probably want to get ourselves some cars like these because no one else would have them.

Paige Vanzant – Toyota Tacoma

You may recognize Paige Vanzant from her time spent inside the octagon. The young martial artist made a name for herself in the octagon. However, soon her skills and beauty caught the eye of Adidas’ marketing department. She got a nice payday and modeled for the company.

So what do you do after a nice payday? Buy a new vehicle, of course. You might be surprised to learn that Paige decided take an unconventional route and buy a white truck. The star bought herself a Toyota Tacoma. We guess when you’re this talented, you could do whatever you want.

Paige Vanzant standing in front of a white Toyota Tacoma truck.

Nicki Minaj – Pink Lamborghini

So, you’re beautiful and you make awesome songs, what more do you need in life? A flaming pink Lamborghini, that’s what! Not to be outdone by the other celebrities on this list, Nicki Minaj turned heads by buying herself a flamingo-colored Lambo Aventador.

After making headlines and churning out hits after hits, seems like nothing will stop this anaconda queen. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The Lambo is merely the latest among Nicki’s collection of pink vehicles. Costing a cool $400,000, it would be safe to say that the Lamborghini is the crown jewel of her automobile collection.

Nicki Minaj posing in front of her Pink Lamborghini Aventador.

Miley Cyrus – Maserati Quattroporte

Making extravagant purchases such as automobiles can be a way of either showing off an incredible achievement at work or a well-deserved reward after working so hard, but there are times that it’s for both reasons. Nevertheless, when your name is Miley Cyrus, you could do anything you want.

As such, Miley decided to purchase a Maserati Quattroporte for a pretty penny. However, her heart started racing fast soon afterwards, not from driving too fast, but because her car was stolen. Lucky for the former Hanna Montana star, LAPD was able to retrieve her prized possession.

Miley Cyrus standing in front of her new car; a white Maserati Quattroporte.

Justin Bieber – Lincoln Continental

Another celebrity to make it onto this list is none other than the Biebs himself. While the guy makes good music, his off-stage personality seems to have taken an infamous turn with all the controversies he would get himself into. Although we can’t deny that Justin has a lot of super expensive cars that we would all love to have.

The Biebs is a proud owner of a 1965 Lincoln Continental, which he got as a birthday present. That sure is one sweet birthday present, we’d settle for just one tire. As they say, something is better than nothing. Oh, and he also owns a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari F30.

Justin Bieber standing in front of a Bugatti Veyron.

Jay Leno – SLR McLaren

Comedian, actor, former late night show host, Emmy award winner, and Television hall of famer Jay Leno is not only known for making people laugh, but he is also known for collecting vehicles as well. In fact, he even has a web series about all of his cars called Jay Leno’s Garage where not only shows them off, but also gives some reviews on the newest cars and motorcycles.

You could say that he’s become a car expert in his own right too. Among his prized possessions is a Mercedes SLR McLaren, which is worth an insane $500,000. Just think about what the car insurance would be on that ride. Better yet start looking up some online car insurance rates right now.

David Beckham

From actors to singers to family heirs and heiresses, it’s time this list added an athlete! One of the most popular football players in the world, with modeling gigs and collaborations here and there, David Beckham has truly built himself an empire.

Much like the previous celebrities on this list, it’s only natural that he has a car that not many people would have and if they did, they would have to give up a fortune to do it. David owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead that’s worth a cool $407,000.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop is one of the rappers that has built a stellar career in music and has even ventured into some acting as well as hosting. Everyone loves the way he narrates animal documentaries like Planet Earth and he recently teamed up with Martha Stewart to host Snoop and Martha’s Potluck Dinner Party, which everyone loves as well.

With a career like Snoop Dogg’s or Snoop Lion’s, whatever you call him, he also sports some rides that are not only rare but super expensive as well. Snoop owns a yellow 1967 Pontiac Parisienne, which is also one of his favorite vehicles.

Neil Young

You may know Neil Young as an iconic musician in the industry. But he is also known for his astonishing car collection. After all, he has been a car lover since he was young. So it comes as to no surprise that he owns quite a number of automobiles.

One of his super rare vehicles is a 1959 Lincoln Continental, which he calls the LincVolt. What makes this car so special is that it’s very environmentally friendly because of it’s fuel efficiency. The LincVolt suffered some damage several years ago when it caught fire, but fortunately it has been restored and is back in good condition.

Patrick Dempsey – Jaguar E-Type

The Grey’s Anatomy star has quite a collection of cars that anyone would have to give an arm and a leg for. In fact, he collects them, from the newer models to the rare vintage ones.

Among those vintage cars is a 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE as well as a 1972 Jaguar E-Type, which is Dempsey’s favorite car to drive. He also used to own a Jaguar XK120 too but eventually sold it. Guess he needed more room in his garage for his new toys.

This Mercedes is sure to fetch a decent car insurance rate.

Kanye West

One of the most famous rappers of the generation, Kanye West is also known for many reasons: His fashion line, his wife being reality star Kim Kardashian, his feud with Taylor Swift, and of course his cars to match his extravagant lifestyle.

Much like Justin Bieber, he also owns a Lamborghini Aventador and he used to own a Maybach 57 as well. With his wife, he has a Mercedes Benz S Series as well as a G63 SUV. But his favorite vehicle is his Mercedes Benz SLR.