Nicki Minaj standing in front of a pink Lamborghini.

10 Unique Vehicles That Your Favorite Celebrities Own


There are always things that come with being listed among the rich and famous people of the world. A house worthy of being shown on MTV Cribs, clothes and shoes that would amount to a person’s monthly paycheck, and of course, cars that not many people can afford to buy.

This list is just a few of the many super rare, but also super expensive cars that only the rich and famous are able to covet. If we were in their shoes, we would all probably want to get ourselves some cars like these because no one else would have them.

Paige Vanzant – Toyota Tacoma

You may recognize Paige Vanzant from her time spent inside the octagon. The young martial artist made a name for herself in the octagon. However, soon her skills and beauty caught the eye of Adidas’ marketing department. She got a nice payday and modeled for the company.

So what do you do after a nice payday? Buy a new vehicle, of course. You might be surprised to learn that Paige decided take an unconventional route and buy a white truck. The star bought herself a Toyota Tacoma. We guess when you’re this talented, you could do whatever you want.

Paige Vanzant standing in front of a white Toyota Tacoma truck.