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Extravagant Homes of Professional Athletes



The lifestyles of the rich and famous was a terrible TV show. But people have always been fascinated by rich people, athletes especially. Perhaps it’s because people like reading and seeing how the more talented amongst us live. Of course, there is also the disbelief factor both for sheer size of their lifestyles but also the cost.

“You spent how much on a mansion?” is a question we’ve all probably asked when reading about an athlete’s house. Some of these are truly extravagant, almost ostentatious, and all of them are big. Today we’re going to look at the 8 most extravagant homes of professional athletes.

Kobe Bryant

For a guy who didn’t finish college, Kobe Bryant has done okay for himself. He has himself some rings, has been talked about alongside some of the greatest basketball players of all time, and has a killer mansion that he can call home. Now that he’s retired, he’ll be spending a lot more time at home.

Coming in at nearly 20,000 square feet, and boasting its own shark tank and hair salon, the home is the definition of excess. The home is now worth nearly $9 million, an increase of 900% from its original purchase price when Kobe Bryant bought it. Looks like he is quite the entrepreneur with that kind of investment idea. Wonder how his stock portfolio is looking.

Derek Jeter

In the future, it wouldn’t be surprising to talk about Derek Jeter the same way we talk about Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle today. No matter what you think about the Yankees, Jeter was one of the most profound baseball players of our time, and he was well compensated for it.

That explains how he could afford a $12 million, incredibly huge mansion in Florida. With almost 30,000 square feet available for living space, 7 bedrooms, a pool and two 3 car garages, this is one mansion that we can only gawk at and say “wow!”

Anna Kournikova

You wouldn’t think that playing tennis and being a world-famous model would pay that much, but apparently, it does. Kournikova is one of the history’s most famous tennis players. And she has even made the news recently for a doping scandal, but let’s forget about that and focus on her house.

Anna Kournikova’s mansion is in the same neighborhood as many other stars and athletes, including Cher, Gloria Estefan and Matt Damon, so it sure doesn’t stand out. It was pricey though, coming in at nearly $26 million. At nearly 20,000 square feet, it boasts several bedrooms, a speed boat ramp, and of course, its own private tennis court.

Chris Bosh

If you’re not into the NBA, Bosh won’t be a name you’re familiar with outside of a passing recognition. But he’s a very good basketball player, perhaps up there with Kobe, though it’s debatable. What isn’t debatable, is that he has a gigantic home worth millions.

His mansion in California comes in near 11,000 square feet, has a full-sized basketball court, and several bedrooms. It is worth, according to the listing, nearly $12.5 million. Bosh doesn’t even live there currently, but instead charges $40K a month to rent it out.

Alex Rodriguez

A lot of people don’t like A-Rod. Whether you like him or not, his home is impressive. Unlike some of the others on this list, he doesn’t own a lot of land. Instead, his 20,000 square foot mansion sits on 275 feet of ocean front property between many other much smaller homes.

The mansion is now valued at nearly $38 million, and boasts its own gym, steam room, and nine bedrooms. It, being in Miami, was also built to withstand many of the more violent storms that seem to pop up every year. Once you’re retired like Alex Rodriguez, you can sit back and chill at home.

Tiger Woods

Tiger made golf interesting for a completely new generation. No longer was it all about old guys in really ugly pants, but instead about a young guy who could really play the game. While his star has waned in the last few years due to injuries and controversy, he’s still very wealthy.

His home rings in at nearly $70 million, and has its own four-hole golf course. Along with a tennis court, and several bedrooms, his island mansion comes in at nearly 25,000 square feet. Must be nice to be really rich. But then again, it must be nice to be able to play a game by trying to put a small white ball into a hole.

Joe Montana

Joe Montana is perhaps one of the most iconic athletes of all time, right up there with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. The man hasn’t played professional football in almost 25 years, yet he’s still very wealthy. So much so that his $35 million mansion is one of the most expensive on this list.

The home is actually pretty small for what it is supposedly worth, only coming in at 9,700 square feet. Perhaps it is its Napa Valley, California location that makes it so exceptional? Or maybe it’s that its owned by Joe Montana. Perhaps if someone buys it, he’ll sign a wall before he leaves?

Michael Jordan

At 56,000 square feet, Michael Jordan has one of the largest private homes in the United States. It would seem that with all that space it would have something like 50 bedrooms or something, but no, it ‘only’ has nine. It also, of course, has an NBA Standard basketball court (both inside and outside) and a tennis court.

No baseball diamond, though, guess Mike learned his lesson. Of course, at this size, and with who owns it, you must know it’s very expensive. $29 million, per Jordan when he tried to sell it, though nobody bought so that might be a tad high. If you want to buy the house for that price make sure to look up some online home insurance rates.