A private jet flying in the sky with water and mountains in the scenery.

Expensive Private Jets of the Rich and Famous



You may have heard some say that celebrities are people, just like us. Though this statement is biologically true, what separates celebrities from the average Joe are the lavish lifestyles they live. As if lavish cars, luxurious boats, outrageous mansions, and private islands were not enough, many celebrities have made the jump into private jet ownership.

For many celebrities, owning a private jet provides not only a sense of freedom, but also a way to show off their wealth. We are about to uncover eight of the most expensive jets of the rich and famous. Hold onto your seats, these jets are about to make even the most luxurious commercial passenger jets appear tame.

Donald Trump ($390,000,000)

In addition to Donald Trump’s personal Boeing 757 that cost an incredible $95.8 million, he now has the pleasure of riding as a passenger on Air Force One. Air Force One is worth an astonishing $390 million, and boasts over 4,000 square-feet of space, which is larger than most homes. Air Force One has transported some of the world’s most powerful people in U.S. history, and the aesthetics of this plane are definitely tailored to that.

The aircraft comes equipped with beds, showers, a private office, its own medical crew, and an emergency supply of essential food items. This one-of-a-kind jet is one of the most secure in the world with its encrypted communication lines and its ability to withstand the effects of a nuclear detonation. It seems only natural that the U.S. government would invest big money.

Mark Cuban ($144.1 Million)

Mark Cuban is a well-known personality from the hit show, “Shark Tank,” and is also the proud owner of the Dallas Mavericks. In addition to his extensive resume, and many investments, Cuban is the proud owner of a Boeing 767-277. This larger-than-life aircraft is one of the safest and most efficient aircrafts on the market.

The jet comes equipped with custom seats to help accommodate some of the Dallas Mavericks’ tallest players. According to reports, this aircraft was able to transport Cuban across a transatlantic journey without stopping once. At a price tag of $144 million, you should expect nothing less.

Jimmy Buffett ($62 Million)

Jimmy Buffett flied around the world in style in his $62 million Grumman HU-16 Albatross, which he has creatively named “Hemisphere Dancer.” The aircraft, which is now in retirement, has made news headlines for being shot at by Jamaican police who thought the plane was being used as a vessel to smuggle drugs.

Passengers onboard during this incident include Jimmy Buffett and U2’s Bono. This incident is where Buffett drew inspiration to write the song “Jamaica Mistaica.” If you want to see Buffet’s Hemisphere Dancer, it is proudly on display in Orlando, Florida at City Walk’s Margaritaville.

Jim Carrey ($59 Million)

Hollywood’s funny-man is the proud owner of a Gulfstream V, which cost him an outrageous $59 million. One of Carrey’s main reasons for purchasing the jet was its advanced avionics, which makes it one of the safest private jets in the world. Carrey’s jet can seat up to 16 passengers, and is able to fly at nearly the speed of sound.

Carrey is very proud of his jet, and its reported that he demands his plane be featured in any film he is in that displays jets. If you would like to see Carrey’s jet in person, he will gladly offer you a ride for $8,000 an hour. Hope it comes with frequent flyer miles!

Bill Gates ($45 Million)

Gates’ bank account may seem to have an infinite number of zero’s, but that does not mean the billionaire can’t feel bad about spending his hard-earned money. As such, the richest man in the world refers to his $45 million Bombardier BD-700 as his “guilty pleasure,” and his “big splurge.”

A jet may seem like an essential rather than a guilty pleasure to a man who travels the world on a regular basis for business, but does it really need to be huge? Gate’s private jet can seat up to 19 people, has three engines, and is even optimized for hot weather at high altitudes. It has been reported that Gates’ jet is one of the safest in the world due to its ability to take off at steep angles and land at very low speeds. It seems like Gates thought of everything when he purchased this jet.

Oprah Winfrey ($42 Million)

It only makes sense that one of the world’s most active philanthropists has a private jet to get her all over the world in a snap. Oprah purchased a Bombardier Global Express XRS for $42 million, and it has been customized just for her.

Oprah’s jet allows for higher cruise speeds, increased range up to a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet, and improved lighting and cabin layout. Seating on Oprah’s plane is limited to 10 in order to make room for other on-flight amenities such as a luxurious gallery.  It is a shame Oprah never gave out any of these jets on her show.

Harrison Ford $18 Million

Harrison Ford’s Cessna 680 cost him a whopping $18 million, and is one of eight planes he has in his fleet of aircrafts. Ford is an aviation enthusiast, and holds a pilots license himself. The actor’s Cessna 680 holds nine seats, but can comfortably fit up to 12 passengers.

Ford can travel at speeds up to 527 mph, and can reach 47,000 feet in elevation. Recently, Ford misjudged the runway when attempting to land at John Wayne Airport, which has triggered an FAA investigation. It looks like Ford may need to brush up on his piloting skills before taking flight again.

John Travolta (Total cost unknown)

John Travolta owns not one jet, not two jets, but seven jets. Travolta’s fleet includes a Boeing 707, Bombardier Challenger 601, Boeing 727, and three Gulfstream jets. Travolta is an aviation enthusiast whose love for airplanes started at the age of five.

Travolta isn’t satisfied with storing his aircrafts in a traditional hanger, he has his own private runway right on his property. In fact, the actor has two runways that lead directly to his front door! Travolta is also an ambassador-at-large for Quantas, helping him to expand his resume beyond the silver screen.