Serval cat with mouth open

8 Cutest Exotic Kitten Breeds From Around The World



Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora originates from Turkey, to be specific – Ankara (which used to be called Angora). It is an attractive semi-longhaired feline with a silky fur coat and a recognizable bushy tail. This breed has even made it into the movies – six of the James Bond movies feature evil villain Blofeld and on his lap languidly sits his adoring white cat (a Turkish Angora).

Initially all Angora cats were white, but selective breeding has now seen the arrival of other colors and patterns. As for temperament, this cat is inquisitive and likes to explore, which gives them a mischievous streak. One thing is for sure: if you’re a troublemaker, an Angora kitty would be the perfect partner in crime.

Turkish Angora kitten in front of a blue background.