Serval cat with mouth open

8 Cutest Exotic Kitten Breeds From Around The World



There is some debate as to how many recognized breeds of cat actually exist worldwide – somewhere between 41 and 73 apparently! Whether a pedigree feline or an unrefined moggy, cats somehow manage to exude an air of superiority which seems to say “You lucky minion, I shall allow you to look after me.”

They have an elegant poise and can provide you, their loyal owner, endless joy by simply allowing you to stroke their silky fur coats. If you are lucky they may reward you with a purr, just to encourage you to keep up the good work! Let’s take a look at 8 cutest exotic cat breeds:


If you are looking for a sweet natured feline, resembling a beautiful ball of fluff, then this kitty-cat is for you. As its name suggests the attractive long-haired Persian originates from Persia (or as its now known – Iran). Initially Persians were always gray, but tactical breeding has resulted in them now being available in many colors.

It has also lead to their prominent cheeks and huge eyes (which add to their charm). They have an air of grace about them and it’s no secret that Queen Victoria was extremely fond of the breed, no wonder Persians have notions of grandeur!

Persian kitten looking slightly upwards.