An assortment of weird exotic fruits.

7 Wacky and Weird Exotic Fruits




The final star on this list of weird exotic fruits is none other than the starfruit. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how this fruit got its name. Any other name and the pitchforks would’ve been deployed. Also called the carambola, these weird exotic fruits are native to South and Southeast Asia.

However, now the fruit has found itself to South America, Caribbeans, and even Southern United States. Seems like it has traveled the seas with sailor who were following the stars. This delacacy is perfect for a picnic under a starry night.

The entire fruit is edible and can be eaten straight from the hand. If you cut the star fruit into pieces, each slice will resemble the stars on a clear evening. The taste is out of this world and even juices are made from this wonder.

Starfruit can be found in Thai and Caribbean cuisine. The healthy fruit makes a star-shape when cut.

Source: Flickr – veganfeast

So grab a bite and have your taste buds blasting off into space!