An assortment of weird exotic fruits.

7 Wacky and Weird Exotic Fruits



Snake Fruit

If you thought those previous weird exotic fruits were scary, take a look at this monster. Rightfully called the snake fruit, this varmint looks like it has scales. They are also called salak and are native to Indonesia. However, today the fruit is found throughout Southeast Asia.

The fruit grows in bunches at the bottom of palm trees. Guess they like slithering on the ground just like real snakes. Once a snake, always a snake! They are easy to spot and are the size and shape of a fig, but don’t dare sneaking up on one if you know what’s good for you.

The deliciously terrifying fruit is high in Iron and Vitamin B2. It is beneficially not only for pregnant women, but prove useful for curing nearsightedness and promoting overall health.

This nutritious fruit looks like it has red snake scales.

Source: Flickr – sepp

Despite what they claim, we recommend that you approach this fruit with caution.