An assortment of weird exotic fruits.

7 Wacky and Weird Exotic Fruits




No wacky and weird exotic fruits list would be complete without this gem appearing somewhere on the menu. Found in parts of Asia, it has a hairy red outer core, with a fleshy white interior.

Sure, when first looking at it, you may wonder why you’d want anything to do with this hairy beast. However, you’ll be second guessing yourself after you pop one into your mouth. Similar to a lychee, all you have to do is peel off the outer layer and enjoy the delicacy inside.

The award for the best local name for rambutan goes to Vietnam, where it is called chom chom. Translated, it means messy hair. I suppose that means we have a lot of chom chom teenagers walking around here.

Just when you thought this little wonder can’t get any better, it also helps you lose weight. Despite its sweet, sweet, delicious taste, it is low in calories.

Red hairy healthy rambutan fruit laid out on white tiles.

Source: Flickr – Goosmurf

It is the ideal fruit for any weight watching diet, so go try some.