An assortment of weird exotic fruits.

Wacky and Weird Exotic Fruits



Sure, we’ve all been there. Getting to the grocery store and that spiky little fruit catches our eye. Do we eat it? Throw it an enemy? Or use it to blow out some tires? Despite their strange outward appearances, some of these weird exotic fruits are to die for. And I don’t mean by taking a well aimed spiky fruit to the head. Hope you have some low cost health insurance!

So, how did these abominations of nature come to be? Much like many things in life, we have Mr. Sun to thank for these nutritious treats. The warm, temperate climates of Asia, Africa, and South America give us the ideal conditions for growing some of these alien health candies to ensure healthy living. And that’s how you keep the doctor away!

A close up view of the red hairy healthy fruit known as rambutan so you won't need low cost health insurance.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Who needs low cost health insurance anyway when you have these treats?


No wacky and weird exotic fruits list would be complete without this gem appearing somewhere on the menu. Found in parts of Asia, it has a hairy red outer core, with a fleshy white interior.

Sure, when first looking at it, you may wonder why you’d want anything to do with this hairy beast. However, you’ll be second guessing yourself after you pop one into your mouth. Similar to a lychee, all you have to do is peel off the outer layer and enjoy the delicacy inside.

The award for the best local name for rambutan goes to Vietnam, where it is called chom chom. Translated, it means messy hair. I suppose that means we have a lot of chom chom teenagers walking around here.

Just when you thought this little wonder can’t get any better, it also helps you lose weight. Despite its sweet, sweet, delicious taste, it is low in calories.

Red hairy healthy rambutan fruit laid out on white tiles.
Source: Flickr – Goosmurf

It is the ideal fruit for any weight watching diet, so go try some.


Bless you! Oh, were you just saying the name of this fruit? It sure does have a name to match its look. Looking like something you would expect to step out of a UFO, ackee is the next fruit on our list.

It is a member of the soapberry family and is closely related to lychee. Seems like everyone is trying to cramp lychee’s style these days. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

This weird exotic fruit is native to West Africa and is known locally as isin. It is no chom chom, but we’ll take it. The fruit was first imported to Jamaica in the 1700s on a slave ship and has since become an important part of Caribbean cuisine.

If you are lucky, you may even find canned ackee at your local grocery shop. But keep in mind that unripe parts of the fruit are toxic. And now you know why the FDA banned the fruit for many years.

A bunch of healthy and nutritious ackee fruit laid out artistically.
Source: Flickr – Kaiton

But if you like a little danger, with a sweet reward to match, then this is the fruit for you.

Prickly Pears

You may be asking, “Are you sure those are safe to eat?” I assure you, they are edible, and quite delicious as well. Although, weird exotic fruits come in all shapes and sizes, this one takes the cake for standing out in a crowd. One thing is for sure, you wouldn’t want to be a prickly pear going through high school.

Also called cactus pears, and for good reason, prickly pears grow on cacti and have a reddish pulp. The taste is a unique blend of sweet and mild. You get the best of both worlds that way. If you thought that’s incredible, there is more! The fruit is an excellent source of magnesium and reduces the chance of diabetes.

The possibilities don’t end there, this all-in-one heavenly gift is also used to make jams and jellies. Having the taste of figs and strawberries in both color and taste, it is something everyone would enjoy.

That may seem pretty great, but we saved the best for last. For thousands of years, Mexicans have been using the fruit for a special purpose. After crushing and fermenting the fruit, a sweet and fizzy beverage is produced.

Healthy red pricky pear with spikes coming out.
Source: Flickr – kretyen

And that’s how you make the alcoholic drink called colonche. Who says alcohol isn’t healthy?


If you can’t get enough of spiky fruits, here is another one for you. I introduce to you: durian. This fruit from Southeast Asia is considered the King of Fruits. The exterior is covered in spikes and it has a disgusting odor that you won’t sure forget.

The name “durian” itself comes from the Malaysian word meaning “spike”. These nations sure don’t kid around when it comes to naming their fruits. Nine fruits from the family are edible, however eight are only sold locally, and the one you might be familiar with is Durio zibethinus.

The smell of the fruit is in the nose of the beholder. While some find the odor to be pleasantly sweet, others would describe the smell as a very unpleasant fragrance.

Tasty fruit, with an odor. It is green in color and yellow inside.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Smell ya later, durian! And now we all need to take a bath.

Snake Fruit

If you thought those previous weird exotic fruits were scary, take a look at this monster. Rightfully called the snake fruit, this varmint looks like it has scales. They are also called salak and are native to Indonesia. However, today the fruit is found throughout Southeast Asia.

The fruit grows in bunches at the bottom of palm trees. Guess they like slithering on the ground just like real snakes. Once a snake, always a snake! They are easy to spot and are the size and shape of a fig, but don’t dare sneaking up on one if you know what’s good for you.

The deliciously terrifying fruit is high in Iron and Vitamin B2. It is beneficially not only for pregnant women, but prove useful for curing nearsightedness and promoting overall health.

This nutritious fruit looks like it has red snake scales.
Source: Flickr – sepp

Despite what they claim, we recommend that you approach this fruit with caution.

Dragon Fruit

Another one of our aptly named fruits, the dragon fruit appears to be from the mystical land of dragons. Also called pitaya, and much like the prickly pear, it is the fruit of a cactus plant. It is found in the Americas and are highly sought after. We sure hope a knight doesn’t come this way and try to slay this delicious beast.

As far as weird exotic fruits go, this one takes the cake for being among the most beautiful. They can be sour and refreshing, if that’s your cup of tea. It’s aroma is similar to that of a watermelon, and the fruit is even used in folk medicine. It has mysticism written all over it.

This weird looking fruit is pink and green in color. It is quite healthy and nutritious.
Source: Pixabay

But whatever you do, don’t try to hatch this dragon egg.


The final star on this list of weird exotic fruits is none other than the starfruit. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how this fruit got its name. Any other name and the pitchforks would’ve been deployed. Also called the carambola, these weird exotic fruits are native to South and Southeast Asia.

However, now the fruit has found itself to South America, Caribbeans, and even Southern United States. Seems like it has traveled the seas with sailor who were following the stars. This delacacy is perfect for a picnic under a starry night.

The entire fruit is edible and can be eaten straight from the hand. If you cut the star fruit into pieces, each slice will resemble the stars on a clear evening. The taste is out of this world and even juices are made from this wonder.

Starfruit can be found in Thai and Caribbean cuisine. The healthy fruit makes a star-shape when cut.
Source: Flickr – veganfeast

So grab a bite and have your taste buds blasting off into space!