An assortment of weird exotic fruits.

7 Wacky and Weird Exotic Fruits



Sure, we’ve all been there. Getting to the grocery store and that spiky little fruit catches our eye. Do we eat it? Throw it an enemy? Or use it to blow out some tires? Despite their strange outward appearances, some of these weird exotic fruits are to die for. And I don’t mean by taking a well aimed spiky fruit to the head. Hope you have some low cost health insurance!

So, how did these abominations of nature come to be? Much like many things in life, we have Mr. Sun to thank for these nutritious treats. The warm, temperate climates of Asia, Africa, and South America give us the ideal conditions for growing some of these alien health candies to ensure healthy living. And that’s how you keep the doctor away!

A close up view of the red hairy healthy fruit known as rambutan so you won't need low cost health insurance.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Who needs low cost health insurance anyway when you have these treats?