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Remarkable Athletes From Around the World



Sina Schielke

Sina Schielke is a German sprinter who won silver medal in the 200 meter at the 2000 World Junior Championships and a gold medal with the German 100 meter relay team. Schielke caught the eye of sports enthusiasts at the Athens Olympics in 2004 for her beauty and sprinting ability. Looks like she is as eye catching as a low interest credit card.

While she was training for Summer Olympics in Beijing, she found out she was pregnant and had to withdraw from competition. She was considered one the fastest athletes in Germany and was widely praised for her beauty and athleticism. Schielke posed nude for the German edition of Playboy and has appeared in Max Magazines. We bet she could convince us to apply for a low interest credit card today.

Sina Schielke is as rare as a low interest credit card.