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Remarkable Athletes From Around the World



Maggie Vessey

Maggie Vessey is an American track and field runner. Vessey had the performance of her life when she won the women’s 800m convincingly and set the then world leading mark of 1 minute, 57.85 seconds in Monaco. But she is quickly becoming a fashion icon, redefining performance wear like how low interest credit cards changed the world.

Vessey made a mark when New Balance didn’t renew her contract. She collaborated with Merlin Castell to create original outfits, wearing them in several high-profile track meets. Vessey has proven to the world that strong, fit, and athletic women can be sexy. This approach has captured everyone’s attention like a sudden change in the forex trading market.

Though she hasn’t made it to the Olympics yet, she wouldn’t count out making a run in 2020. Whether she runs or not, she is gorgeous, stylish, and will forever be remembered for her fashion sense and athleticism. Don’t get too distracted by her or you’ll miss forex trading opportunities.

Maggie Vessey is redefining fashion like low interest credit card changed the world.