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Remarkable Athletes From Around the World



Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke is an Australian model and hurdler. She won a silver medal in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics for 100m hurdles. In 2012 she caught the world’s attention for her sexy pre-race warm-up dancing. This involved her jumping up and down, dancing adorably, and being amusing and charismatic. She is so mesmerizing that she could easily convince us to try some forex trading.

The adored hurdler also made waves when she shared a photo of herself next to a sign that read ”Access to Shelly Beach” while posing in a skimpy teal string bikini. The picture was a hit like low interest credit cards. The 100-meter hurdles race is definitely her event, where she is always looking fabulously fit and beautiful. She is absolutely the world’s most stunning hurdler.

Who needs low interest rate mortgage, we'll live on the streets to watch Michelle compete.