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Remarkable Athletes From Around the World



Finding a popular women’s sport is sometimes as rare as a blue moon. Sports are often reserved for big, strong, muscular men. Or least that is the common perception. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Many women like Serena Williams and Danica Patrick are greatly challenging the way female sports are looked at.

On top of everything, countless female athletes are beautiful goddesses in their own right. In honor of these skilled, talented, and beautiful female athletes, we have compiled a list for your viewing pleasure. Each one is sure to leave your heart throbbing and wanting more. You’ll feel as if you’ve ran a mile yourself.

Allison Stokke

What a way to start this list! Allison Stokke is an American track and field athlete and model. And she’s really good at both. Allison specializes in the pole vault. She became an internet phenom when her images were widely shared online. On top of everything else, the sports star is a model for Nike. Just do it! And now she is as valuable to Nike as many male athletes.

In her personal life, this talented sports star is dating golf stud, Rickie Fowler. She even made an appearance during the 2018 Masters tournament to support her boyfriend. What a catch! This begs the question: is there anything this superstar can’t do? One thing is for sure: it’ll be foolish to bet against her.

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