Paige Vanzant standing in front of a white Toyota Tacoma truck.

Beauties As Stunning As a Brand New Vehicle



Finding a popular women’s sport is sometimes as rare as finding affordable car insurance quotes. Sports, just like sports cars, are often reserved for big, strong, muscular men. Or least that is the common perception. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The world is changing, just like how futuristic cars changed the paved road landscape in 2017.

On top of everything, countless female athletes are beautiful goddesses in their own right. In honor of these skilled, talented, and beautiful stars, we have compiled a road legal list for your viewing pleasure. Each one is sure to leave your heart throbbing like you’ve put the pedal to the metal along a dirt path. You’ll feel as if you’ve raced a mile in a vehicle yourself. Hope you have some auto insurance!

Flaming Ferrari – Allison Stokke

Do you have your car insurance ready? Good! Let’s hit the road! Allison Stokke is an American track and field athlete and model. She’s really good at both and often treads her tires by taking the unbeaten path. On top of everything else, the sports star is a model for Nike. And now she is as valuable to Nike as a brand new Ferrari. Or even a used luxury car for that matter.

Most impressively, Allison is just getting started, so be sure to keep an eye out for her. She’s surely as spectacular as a newly bought Ferrari F12 on the road. If that’s not enough, buckle your seat belts as we’re just getting started. This car ride will only get more exciting as we speed along this gorgeous athletic highway.

If Allison Stokke is selling auto insurance quotes, we'll surely buy it.