A variety of toys against a blue background.

Must Have Kids Toys For This Holiday



The holidays are just around the corner. Choose one of these Top Ten toys as an unforgettable gift for your child. There is a large variety to choose from, so you’ll be able to find that perfect toy as unique as your child. Whether they are into boys toys or girls stuff, or just want to make a mess, you can find the ideal toy for them.

Starting from Hatchimals to Pokemon cards, the choices are virtually limitless this holiday season. Some of these toys are age old classics, while others are brand new sensations sweeping across the world. The following list of toys are what you will find swarming schoolyards and shopping malls this year.


When we were young, we all wanted to take care of animals. Whether it was a kitty or puppy, many of us grew up with animals in the house, and now that trend is continuing with youngsters everywhere. As such, I present to you Hatchimals.

Hatchimals are egg-shaped toys that hatch into a variety of animals. Most kids will go to great depths to get their hands on these incredible toys. It is among the latest craze sweeping the globe, and we highly encourage you to buy this toy for your children. You’ll be glad you did when you see that smile on your child’s face.

A few hatchimals in front of a colored background.


Lego has been a mainstay on toy shelves for decades. It is so popular that it even has more than 15 movies named after it. Moreover, Lego has lots of cool pieces, such as; tires, houses, pets, and trees. Using these pieces you could even connect them to create different buildings and scenery.

We all want the best for our children, and there is no doubt that after buying a pack, you’ll be so impressed with Lego that you’ll buy another pack – or two. It should be about $15-$20 per pack and could easily be found at any Walmart. The key to brightening any child’s face is by buying a set of Lego.

Red lego character.

Fidget Spinner

There is no doubt about it, fidget spinners are currently the most trending toy. A large majority of children already have one – or twenty. It is a hand spinner that has bearings, but the quality is greatly dependent on the price. In addition, some fidget spinners include glow-in-the-dark, chrome (shiny), and camouflage.

A fidget spinner would only cost you around $6.00 at Toys R Us and Amazon. And of course, the higher quality ones will fetch a pretty penny. However, as this fad is soon to disappear with the season, we recommend opting for the cheaper model.

A selection of fidget spinners.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube is an old 80’s toy that is making a comeback. Not only is this cube colorful, but it is also really fun to play with. Furthermore, it will undoubtedly increases your child’s skills by teaching them to logically solve problems. Such skills will surely aid them with future goals and aspirations.

We highly suggest that you buy your child a Rubik’s Cube so that your youngster could reveal his/her hidden talent to the world by solving this classic puzzle. Not only would this allow them to nurture a talent, but it will soon become a favorite hobby.

A collections of a variety of Rubik's cubes.


Hoverboards have been a children’s obsession since 2016. If you go to any playground, you will see a bunch of kids zipping across on these. It is essentially a board with wheels where you ride by balancing accordingly. It is a favorite among teens and pre-teens. That’s not all, professionals could even practice dance moves on them.

We highly recommend that you buy your youngster a ”really cool”  hoverboard to bring about a smile on your child’s face. If you want your child to be active and healthy, a hoverboard is the perfect present. Be warned, your child will barely be home after getting a board.

Hoverboard in front of a brick wall.

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards have been a hit for many years, starting from the 90’s. This is most obvious if you go to any show and tell; Pokemon cards would be front and center. Unsurprisingly, the Pokemon franchise has become a fan-favorite, with TV shows, movies, video games, and of course, cards.

From buying a single pack, you would get 20 cards for about $5-$10 at Walmart or Toys R Us. Pokemon cards have been tested by the trials of time, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them on this list for years to come. Don’t forget to brighten your child’s face by drawing them a smile.

A variety of Pokemon card packs.

Fidget Cube

Fidget cube is another version of fidget spinners and fidget rings. Its purpose is to bring about a calming effect, just like all the other fidget toys. Who says fidget toys are only for ADHD sufferers? We consider all children smart, with their own hidden talents inside them. Therefore, we recommend this toy for everyone.

Moreover, these exciting fidget cubes come in interesting designs, such as, galaxy and marble, and they can also be found in a variety of colors. So don’t forget to buy these cool toys online, or buy them in a store near you for about $10-$20.

A collection of fidget cubes on a wooden floor.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are squishy, soft, ball-shaped toys that help relieve stress and tension. They are also used to exercise muscles, which can be useful for people of all ages. Some stress balls are not ball-shaped, and include fruit-shaped and smiley-faced ones.

So don’t forget to buy your child a stress ball, especially to relieve stress from getting a ton of homework. On top of being a stress reliever, it is also very fun to play with. Some people continue playing with stress balls as a hobby. Relieve some stress quickly and order it within the next 24 hours!

Colorful stress balls getting squished by two hands.


Kids like being messy, and the messiest of all is SLIME!!! Slime could be store-bought or best of all, homemade. There are different types of slime, such as, fluffy slime, crunchy slime, glitter slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, and lots more. Slime is the top liquid-based toy in stores right now.

We encourage you to make your child delighted and buy them slime at Dollarama for a dollar or two. If you want to make your child’s face twice as happy, you could help them make slime at home. Best of all, you could make it to your own specifications depending on the amount of each ingredient that you use. Time to get messy!

Glittery slime oozing out.


We have yet another blast from the past; Nerf is making a comeback. It is basically a gun that shoots foam bullets. These guns are gender neutral. It was popular in the 90’s, but now it is making a return. If your child is interested in these guns, you could go on Amazon and order one today.

In your child’s best interest, we request that you buy this toy to nurture an active lifestyle that promotes a positive attitude towards healthy living. So, make sure you don’t miss your shot and quickly buy this toy to bring about a smile on your youngster’s face. Getting this toy for your child will surely be a bulls-eye.

A teenage boy aiming with his Nerf gun.